Past, Present, & Future

parentsThe farmland stretching from Bayview Ave. to the Taunton River, on either side of 42nd St. in Berkley, Ma. was purchased by Max and Olga Houtzager in 1943. They were living in a cramped apartment in New York City. Olga, having lived on a farm in the Ukraine as a child, longed for a space to live off the land. The farm and house were in disrepair as a result of the depression, even though the land had been farmed since the seventeen hundreds. It is said that the farm was once the site of a small orchard. Only a few of the original pear, peach, and apples trees remain.

Max, Olga, and 6 year old Alex raised hay, cows, geese, chickens, and vegetables. Olga sold milk, cheese, and vegetables to families in nearby Taunton and Fall River, making weekly deliveries while Max worked full time as a machinist.

It continued as a family farm until 2005 when with the passing of Olga and Max’s infirmity, the farmhouse became vacant.

A community supported agriculture, CSA, project was done in the summer of 2006, with a feasibility study and 15 members. In 2007, the farm was named Kettle Pond Farm and CSA membership increased. Two and a half of the total 35 acres were utilized for growing crops organically, and certification was granted.

dadboyfamilywegelIn 2008, Kettle Pond Farm was officially incorporated and since has been committed to growing the best vegetables possible to meet the needs of our community.

Our vision is to “grow” Kettle Pond Farm into a successful diversified farm with the best products around. We hope to grow our local base of consumers and continually increase the fertility of the land. We look forward to feeding you!

The Farm is now being operated and managed by Steve, Sarah, and the little one Juniper Murray as Heart Beets Farm. They have really taken the farm into the modern era by using many techniques to keep the ground nutrious, hence the slogan nutrition from the soil up. Come on over and check out the new greenhouses and hoop house which extends our growing year.

Olga, Max
Alex, Frankie


Kettle Pond Farm
181 Bay View Avenue
Berkley, Mass 02779 US